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Certificate Courses Under INR100/-

Certificate Courses are a way to learn new skills, enhance knowledge and be a step ahead of others. It’s easy to get a certificate but its hard to get a skill, and to us it won’t be of any use if you are spending  a huge sum of money just to get a certificate and no skill. That’s why we at LeDroit India not only provide skills but also provide budget friendly courses. 

Our courses focus on practical trainings, which one gets only after years of experience having these skills while you are still in law school or any phase of your legal career can help you in creating a successful legal career as we teach practical applications of theoretical knowledge, like how to file FIR, how to file a sexual harassment complaint, how to settle a matter outside court or how to draft a complaint.

These courses mainly focus on core topics which are a need in today’s time:

1. First Information Report

2. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

3.Legal Service Authority Act

4. Environmental Law

Below we have attached details of each course, you can register either  individually for courses of your choice or for all of them together. The fee for each course is just INR100/-

Course 1:First Information Report(FIR)

Course Content:


  1. Meaning
  2. Types of FIR,
  3. Difference between FIR and Complaint
  4. What is Zero FIR?
  5. Cases in which FIR can be filed.


  1. Who can lodge an FIR?
  2. Format of FIR
  3. Essentials of FIR
  4. How to file an FIR
  5. What to do when Police refuses to file an FIR?
  6. Evidentiary value of FIR.

Course 2:Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

1.What is Sexual Harassment?

2.Scope of Sexual Harassment laws.

3. Complaints Committee

4. How to file a complaint in case of sexual harassment?

5. Punishment for false or malicious complaints and false evidence

6. Duties of Employer

Course 3:Legal Service Authority Act-

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Background of the Act
  • History of the Act
  • Amendments to the Act
  • Viable Features of the Amendment
  • Persons Entitled to Free Legal Aid

Module 2

  • Types of Legal Services Authorities
  • National Legal Service Authority
  • State Legal Service Authority
  • District Legal Service Authority
  • Taluk Legal Service Commitee

Module 3

  • Nature of Award
  • Award of  Lok Adalat shall be Final
  • Award of Lok Adalat and Judicial Review
  • Conclusion

Course 4:Environmental Law

Course Content:-

1.What is Environmental Law?

2.Major Environmental Legislation’s,

3.Environment Protection from Indian Constitution Perspective,

4.Sustainable Management of Natural Resources,

5.Environmental Crimes,

6. Steps we can take to protect the Environment.

What You’ll Get?

These are self-paced courses you’ll receive 

  1. E-Books,
  2. Bare Acts,
  3. Sample drafts and other documents if any
  4. Recorded video lectures.

Once done with registration materials are shared on your mail ID within 24hrs and you can complete courses one by one as per your own convenience.

Why LeDroit India?

Our courses provide the knowledge you need and they cost less than you pay for a Pizza! Thinking why so less? Because we at LeDroit don’t aim at charging hefty sum, we believe in doing betterment  we want to help all those struggling law students and other law aspirants in getting skills that will be useful for them in creating a successful legal career.

Registration Process:

In order to register make the payment first on the link below and fill up the registration form, you can also pay via GPay or Paytm at 6204801978 and share your details to reserve your seat. You can register for any single course at just INR 100/- or all courses together at just INR400/-


In case of any query feel free to contact us at 6204801978 or mail us at

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