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About Our Team

Who We Are

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom” – George Washington Carver.

We believe that the key to freedom should be within the reach of all who wish to achieve it. LeDroit India is now providing online courses while maintaining it’s legacy of quality education. We take pride in mentioning that we have top professionals with great experiences as a part of our online program. LeDroit India is where law meets business and technology. We provide online courses which reveal the legal aspect of things, after all, the world revolves around Law and Order.


LeDroit India provides various certificate courses that promise the enhancement of your skills. Each of our courses are designed in a way to provide you a hands on idea about the practical application of the skills you learn. We give personal attention to each of our users and assign a personal trainer to them who keeps a check on their progress and solves their queries within 24 hours. We serve all, from legal to business personnel.Our aim is to provide quality education at the minimum possible prices.We are always open to accept your ideas about the skills you prefer to instil in yourself. Besides educational courses, we provide other services like free profile evaluation so that you can target the areas of your profile to be worked on and free educational webinars from various professionals belonging to diverse fields who are very happy to give necessary industrial insights needed before you finally enter the work field.


Our mission is to provide practical exposure to students while they are still at college, at affordable price. We want to make our students ready and confident before entering the practical world.


“All work revolves around Law, our aim is to provide legal knowledge useful for people from all fields, our courses are beneficial for all, from engineers to entrepreneurs and from AI engineers to fashion designers!We believe knowledge should not be restricted to a particular field, it should be for all. As a layman one commits many mistakes because of lack of knowledge of law, having prior knowledge about it before starting anything will help you prevent those errors and save you from heavy losses of time and other resources.

Our aim is to make you independent enough to take the right step and not be totally dependent on an expert for legal knowledge for every small business decision.”

A Few Words About Our Team

“If everyone is moving together, then success take care of itself.”

Riya Chhabra-Founder and CEO at Ledroit India


Shreya Chhabra-Co-Founder at Ledroit India

Bachelor of Commerce from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce

Rakhi Agarwal-Legal Content Creator at Ledroit India

LLB, 3-year from the Indian Institute of Legal Studies

ASMI CHAHAL-Content Creator

The ICFAI University, BA, LL.B (H) 3rd-year law student

Khushboo Sharma- Digital Marketing Administrator

L.L.B from Campus Law Center, Delhi
I graduated with a BBA from Guru Gobind Indraprastha

Shreya Lal -Content Writer & Administrator

2nd Year Undergraduate Law Student at Mumbai University

Manojit Kumar Dutta-IT Admin

B.A.LL.B. from Sri Balaji Society’s Balaji Law College

Mitali More-Faculty Head

B.A.LL.B. from Sri Balaji Society’s Balaji Law College




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