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Top 10 Legal Websites for doing Online Courses

online legal courses

Online legal courses have become a trending source of skill advancement in today’s world.It is very important for law students to keep themselves updated with the new laws, amendments and cases. Reading and learning are the cornerstones of the legal profession. Legal websites and blogs provide a platform for thinkers and readers to think, research and share information for the overall improvement and development of law in the 21st century where the world runs with the help of the internet. Following are some of the most famous and most browsed online legal blogs and websites in India  which a legal practitioner, enthusiast or student should follow:

LeDroit India

LeDroit India is considered to be one of the best online platform for enhancement of legal skills at affordable prices. Each of its courses are designed by legal experts in a way to provide actual practical knowledge to its students. It provides various types of courses such as legal drafting, technology contracts course,Methodologies of legal research course and many more that promises to improve students research, writing and drafting skills .Not only this but also they help their students with internships,job placements and many more.

Why you should go with this platform?

  • Personal attention
  • Personal trainer
  • Solves queries within 24 hours
  • Provide quality education at the minimum possible prices
  • Free educational webinars 

Indian Kanoon

Indian Kanoon, a law understanding tool used by students for understanding judgments was founded in the year 2008.Indian Kanoon is designed to remove two structural problems, firstly, finding the most applicable sections from hundreds of pages of law documents is too daunting for common people; and secondly, laws are often vague and one needs to see how they have been interpreted by the judicial courts.


It was created in 2013. It is the largest blog platform in India. They wanted to create awareness in society by being a source of honest and correct information. They try to provide a space for constructive criticism of the judiciary.  

Bar & Bench

Bar and Bench is established in 2011. It is a comprehensive news and analysis portal for the legal community. Bar and Bench provide the newest information on interviews, news, and columns spanning the entirety of the legal spectrum.

SCC Online

Its main function is to pioneer law information databases using the finest of technology and innovations to make law easily accessible in the electronic medium. This Information Database and search program is a proven source of quick retrieval of Indian Supreme Court case-law precedents.

Path Legal

Path Legal, a lawyers directory founded in the year in the year 2011.It provides legal advice online, telephone consultation, free legal advice, free LPO training, legal papers, free legal case management tool and much other legal software.


It was founded in 2010. Lawctopus is a site exclusively for law students. It advises students regarding their career, internships and other opportunities that they can grab. It is one of the most popular and most trusted websites. 


It is an education start-up whose main purpose is to make legal education accessible for students. It focuses on legal issues and legal questions. It also provides notes and studies material for free.     

Legally India

It was established in the year 2009.Legally India reports news and information pertinent to Indian law firms,  Indian lawyers, international law firms and business lawyers in India.

Law Times Journal

Law Times Journal inculcates “Free Education” ideology in the Indian Legal sector. It also provides services and tips for the resume and improvement of C.V. which would be instrumental in obtaining the desired internship for young students. Student review of their respective law schools is an integral part of this portal that would provide first-hand accounts of the present students to the prospective law students.


Most of these platforms are in the form of online legal search portals stacked with statutory Indian data. The blogs and portals analyze Indian case laws in great depth and some of them also provide study material for the students at the affordable prices like LeDroit India. Along with the courses, it is very important to keep a track of your performance. With LeDroit India, you will get personal attention and a personal trainer, who keeps a check on their progress and solves their queries within 24 hours. 

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