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Drafting is the most essential skill demanded in a lawyer, if you are a law student, or an advocate your drafting skills will work like your identity.You must have heard about this maxim “verbavolant, scriptamanent”; is a Latin proverb which means “spoken words fly away, written words remain”.

It is imperative to have a command over the drafting language. Drafting skills plays a pivotal role in the life of a Law-Student, Lawyer or Judge. A well drafted document is like a strong argument which helps the lawyer to break a case! Whether it’s a contract, an affidavit or a written statement, serves two purposes- informing and engaging both the client and the court about the legal issue. It is very important for the lawyers and judges to draft the legal documents precisely, so that it clearly depicts all the essential facts as well as engage a layman to its content.

LeDroit India has come up with a “Live Certificate Course on Legal Drafting” “Software Contract Drafting” fusion of both the worlds modern and traditional,that will enhance your legal as well as practical skills by making your basic concepts clear and making you learn how to draft various legal documents yourself!

Benefits of Learning Drafting:

There are various benefits of learning the drafting skill, some of which are as:

1.Technique of writing legal document enhances efficiency as well as improves economies of scale.

2.Good writing is directly proportional to good business manners, professional image, and brand differentiation.

3.Legal-writing training helps you write clearly and effectively, commanding respect.

4.It helps in improving your expressive and persuasive skills.

5.It exposes you to international best practices in legal writing. Heads, HR departments, and partners in law firms and legal departments should assess writing skills of applicants for legal positions.

What You’ll be Learning?

10 DAY LEGAL DRAFTING COURSE: COURSE 1 (Get your drafts reviewed by Supreme Court Advocate)

Learn Drafting Of:

      • Legal Notices-4 types of Legal Notices:

      • Drafting of Sec 138. Dishonour of a Cheque Notice

      • Divorce Notice

      • Financial Settlement of Claims Notice

      • Notice Reply.

      • Drafting of Affidavits,

      • Drafting of Civil Suit Proceedings

      • Drafting of a Plaint

      • Difference between FIR & Complaint

      • Drafting of a Complaint

      • Drafting of Non-Joinder and Misjoinder of Parties

      • Drafting of a Written Statement

    Starting – 20th December till 30th December Timing- 7:30 to 8:30 PMFaculty- Adv.Aditya Raina with 10 plus years of experience of practicing in Civil and real estate matters at Supreme Court of India.Sample Video: Check sample video of faculty click here

    (Visit course link by clicking on course name for more details)

    Software Contract Drafting COURSE 2 (Get Course On Drafting Of Legal Notices Free With This Course)

    Learn Drafting Of:

        1. Course Content:

          • MODULE 1:Introduction to Technology Contracts,Technology Contract  V. Traditional Contracts,Software Contracts.

          • MODULE 2:What are Software Development Contracts,Kinds of Software Development contracts,Software Development Process,Drafting of Software Development Contract,Drafted Sample Software Development Agreement for better understanding.

          • MODULE 3:Software License Agreements,Software License and Support Agreements,Types of Software License Agreement,Drafting of Software license and support agreements.

          • MODULE 4:Software Outsourcing Agreements,How Software is outsourced,Drafting of Software outsourcing Agreement,

          • MODULE 5:Open Source Software Agreements & other IT Agreements like-Escrow Agreements,Drafting of Open Source Software Agreements & additional drafts.

      (Visit course link by clicking on course name for more details)

      Starting- 10th December till 22nd December Timing-7:30 to 8:30 PM

      Intellectual Property Rights-Course starting 9th December till 24th December, timing 8:30 to 9:30PM

      MODULE 1:

      1. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
      2. Types of Intellectual Properties
      3. Working and system followed in India
      4. Overview of Trade Secrets and Geographical Indication


      1. What is a Trademark?
      2. Types of Logo
      3. What can be Trademarked?
      4. Characteristics of a good Trademark
      5. How to do a Trademark Search?
      6. Filing and Drafting of Trademark
      7. Replying to Trademark Objection
      8. Trademark Infringement


      1. What is a Patent?
      2. Law governing Patent in India

      3. What can be Patented?
      4. Essentials for a Patent
      5. Procedure for filing a Patent
      6. Revocation and Opposition to Patent Application
      7. Licensing and Assignment of Patent


      1. Meaning and Definition of Copyright
      2. Law’s governing Copyright in India
      3. Copyright Societies
      4. Copyright Infringement
      5. Procedure for filing for a Copyright
      6. Making of Copyright application
      7. Copyright Assignment and Licensing
      8. Copyright Infringement

      What Materials You’ll be Receiving?

          1. E-books,

          1. Sample Drafts and

          1. Recordings of the lectures for future reference.

          1. Course Certificate to each participant on course completion.

        Why You Should Take This Drafting Course?

        1.One to One Session with the faculty;

        2.Live Assignments & Feedback ;

        3.Life Time Access to Course recordings;

        4.Access to Sample Drafts, drafted by experts;

        5.Live Online Classes

        6.Convenient Class Timings.


        Software Contract Drafting Course: Starting from 10th December till 22nd December,2023 Timing-7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

        10 Day Legal Drafting CourseStarting from 20th December till 30th December,2023 Timing-7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

        Intellectual Property Rights Course: Starting from 9th December till 24th December,2023 Timing-8:30PM to 9:30PM

        How To Register?

            • Save a lot in this Live Course Combo –

            • Price for 10 Day Legal Drafting Course -1500

          Price for Intellectual Property Rights-2500

            • Price for Software Contract Drafting Course-1500

          Get 2 Free Courses free in this Combo-

          1. Right to Information Act
          2. Methodologies of Legal Research

            • Total-6000/- Pay-4000/-

          In order to register make the payment first on the link below and fill up the registration form, you can also pay via GPay or Paytm at 6204801978 and share your details to reserve your seat. You can contact on the given number in case of any query. You can also make the payment by adding this course to your cart , if you are registering through ledroit’s website


          In case of any query feel free to contact us at 6204801978 or mail us at


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