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Intellectual Property Rights-Live Course

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Intellectual Property rights(IPR) have become the most essential rights in today’s modern business world because of constant development in technology and growing business spheres. Today in order to sustain and protect any business one needs to register their work to avail rights of their intellectual property, so that no one else can benefit from their hard work without a license or their
permission. Lawyers play an essential role in getting these intellectual properties registered and helping businesses transact in any easy manner while maintaining secrecy.

This Certificate Course on Intellectual Property Rights has been designed to cover all the aspects of intellectual property , and explains different types of intellectual properties such as TrademarksPatentsCopyrightsGeographical Indications and Trade Secrets and Rights related to them. This course will not only give you theoretical knowledge but also will provide practical skills on how to
register and claim these Rights. This course will help you in creating a career in IPR as an IPR Attorney.

We are also providing internship opportunity in an IPR firm to our students on completion of this course, so that you can actually apply your skills in real world and learn more with us.


What will you learn?


  1. Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Types of Intellectual Properties
  3. Working and system followed in India
  4. Overview of Trade Secrets and Geographical Indication


1. What is a Trademark?
2. Types of Logo
3. What can be Trademarked?
4. Characteristics of a good Trademark
5. How to do a Trademark Search?
6. Filing and Drafting of Trademark
7. Replying to Trademark Objection
8. Trademark Infringement


1. What is a Patent?
2. Law governing Patent in India

3. What can be Patented?
4. Essentials for a Patent
5. Procedure for filing a Patent
6. Revocation and Opposition to Patent Application
7. Licensing and Assignment of Patent


1. Meaning and Definition of Copyright
2. Law’s governing Copyright in India
3. Copyright Societies
4. Copyright Infringement
5. Procedure for filing for a Copyright
6. Making of Copyright application
7. Copyright Assignment and Licensing
8. Copyright Infringement

Starting- 3rd June till 22nd June,2024.

Faculty- This course will be expertly delivered by Adv. Samata Joshi, specializing in business law and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with an extensive track record of over 8 years. With a wealth of experience spanning various facets of corporate law, Adv. Joshi brings a rich and diverse perspective to the course. Her expertise not only includes business law and IPR but also encompasses a wide array of corporate legal disciplines. Participants can look forward to learning from a seasoned practitioner who has successfully navigated the intricacies of the corporate legal landscape, making this course a valuable opportunity for those seeking comprehensive insights and practical knowledge in the field.

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