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Ultimate Live Drafting Combo

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About Course


Get all 4 major Drafting courses at 7000 4500
Offer valid till 22nd March, 2024

Course 1: Legal Drafting Course 
Course 2: Real Estate Agreements Drafting
Course 3: Software Contracts Drafting

Course 4:Contract Drafting


1) Legal Drafting- 10 days (28th May, 2024 to 10th June, 2024)

2) Real Estate Agreement Drafting(15th May till 30th May,2024)
3) Contracts Drafting- 15 Days (22nd April, 2024 to 10thMay, 2024)
4) Software Contracts Drafting- 12 Days (20th June, 2024 to 5th July, 2024)

Don’t worry classes won’t overlap each other.



What You’ll be Learning?

Drafting of Legal  Notices:

  1. How to draft notices
  2. Points to keep in mind while drafting a notice,
  3. Drafting of 3 Important Notices:-
  4. Notice to Employer for Settlement of Claims,
  5. Divorce Notice under Section 13,
  6. Notice of Dishonour of Cheque under Section 138.


  1. What is an Affidavit
  2. Its Importance and Need,
  3. Drafting of an Affidavit


  1. Difference between Complaint and FIR,
  2. When a Complaint is filed
  3. Drafting of a Complaint


  1. What is Plaint?
  2. When a Plaint it is filed?
  3. Types of Plaints,
  4. Drafting of Plaint,
  5. Misjoinder and Non-Joinder Parties,
  6. Drafting of a Misjoinder and Non-Joinder  parties in a claim.

Civil Suit:

  1. What is a Civil Suit?
  2. Types of Civil Suits,
  3. Drafting of a Civil Suit.




Module 1: Introduction to Real Estate Law in India
– Overview of Indian real estate market
– Key legislations and regulatory authorities
– Property ownership and rights

Module 2: Essentials of Contract Law
– Basics of contract formation
– Offer, acceptance, and consideration
– Vitiating factors and contract enforcement

Module 3: Types of Real Estate Agreements
– Sale deeds
– Lease agreements
– Development agreements
– Mortgage and pledge agreements

Module 4: Drafting Techniques
– Structuring real estate agreements
– Legal language and terminology
– Avoiding common pitfalls

Module 5: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
– Negotiating favorable terms
– Mediation and arbitration in real estate disputes
– Case studies and role-playing exercises

Module 6: Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions
– Title searches and property inspections
– Regulatory compliance checks
– Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

Module 7: Legal and Ethical Considerations
– Ethics in real estate agreement drafting
– Professional responsibilities
– Client confidentiality and conflict resolution

Module 8: Case Studies and Practical Applications
– Analyzing real-world real estate agreements
– Drafting practice exercises
– Peer and instructor feedback
– Q&A sessions and panel discussions



  • MODULE 1:
  • Introduction to Technology Contracts,
  • Technology Contract  V. Traditional Contracts,
  • Software Contracts.
  • MODULE 2:
  • What are Software Development Contracts,
  • Kinds of Software Development contracts,
  • Software Development Process,
  • Drafting of Software Development Contract,
  • Drafted Sample Software Development Agreement for better understanding.
  • MODULE 3:
  • Software License Agreements,
  • Software License and Support Agreements,
  • Types of Software License Agreement,
  • Drafting of Software license and support agreements.
  • MODULE 4:
  • Software Outsourcing Agreements,
  • How Software is outsourced,
  • Drafting of Software outsourcing Agreement,
  • MODULE 5:
  • Open Source Software Agreements & other IT Agreements like-Escrow Agreements,
  • Drafting of Open Source Software Agreements & additional drafts.



  1. What are Contracts?
  2. Types of Contracts:-On the basis of its enforcement
  3. On the basis of mode of creation
  4. On the basis of extent of execution
  5. E-Contracts and its validity.


  1. Standard Form of Contracts
  2. Importance of Standard form of contracts
  3. Types of Standard form of Contracts


  1. Registration of Contracts
  2. Contracts which require registration
  3. Contract’s which don’t require registration
  4. Stamping
  5. Attestation & Notarization


  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Common Breaches
  3. Damages
  4. Types of Damages
  5. Remedies for breach of contract


  1. Drafting of a contract:-
  2. Operating Clause
  3. Boilerplate Clauses
  4. Risk mitigation clauses

MODULE 6: Drafting of Contracts and Documents:

  1. Master Service Agreement
  2. Service Agreement
  3. Incentive Contracts& Time and Material Contracts
  4. Labour-Hour contracts
  5. Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
  6. Employee Contracts
  7. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  8. Memorandum of Understanding

What Materials You’ll be Receiving?

  1. E-books,
  2. Sample Drafts and
  3. Recordings of the lectures for future reference.
  4. Course Certificate to each participant on course completion.

Why You Should Take This Drafting Course?

1.One to One Session with the faculty;

2.Live Assignments & Feedback ;

3.Life Time Access to Course recordings;

4.Access to Sample Drafts, drafted by experts;

5.Live Online Classes

6.Convenient Class Timings.

How To Register?

In order to register make the payment first on the link below and fill up the registration form, you can also pay via GPay or Paytm at 6204801978 and share your details to reserve your seat. You can contact on the given number in case of any query. You can also make the payment by adding this course to your cart , if you are registering through ledroit’s website


Make sure to fill this REGISTRATION FORM after making the payment.

In case of any query feel free to contact us at 6204801978 or mail us at


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