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‘SAHAAY’ is an initiative by LeDroit India to help people reach out for help in case of legal matters. Quite often, individuals fall victim to certain matters in which they definitely need some legal aid, however, they end up feeling helpless due to lack of any contacts with lawyers and  considering the high fees charged by certain lawyers. Under the ‘Sahaay’ initiative, LeDroit India shall serve as a platform to help individuals to reach out suitable lawyers from their specific locality and budget. Although LeDroit India would recommend lawyers to keep their fees minimal and not more than Rs. xyz, the fees charged by different profiles might vary and by creating a profile under Sahaay, lawyers agree to charge not more than the mentioned fee, except under certain circumstances as mutually agreed upon by the lawyer and the personnel looking out for help.  It is advisable for the users to go through the terms and conditions here.

Name: abc

Location: abc

Contact: 1234566789

Name: abs

Location: sample

Contact: abwhdgjd