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Law Internship

Law Internship Law Internship vacancy available at Pk textiles – Bengaluru, Karnataka. Freshers can apply.


From ₹6,000 a month

Job Description:

Legal Research: Conducting thorough research on legal issues, statutes, regulations, case law, and other relevant materials to support attorneys in their cases or legal projects.

Document Preparation: Assisting in drafting legal documents such as pleadings, contracts, briefs, memos, and correspondence under the supervision of an attorney.

Case Preparation: Assisting with case preparation by organizing and analyzing case-related documents, evidence, and exhibits, and preparing summaries or chronologies.

Court Filings: Assisting in the preparation and filing of court documents, including drafting motions, petitions, and other legal filings, and ensuring compliance with court rules and deadlines.

Client Communication: Conducting client interviews, gathering relevant information, and maintaining effective communication with clients under the guidance of an attorney.

Administrative Tasks: Assisting with administrative tasks, such as managing calendars, scheduling meetings, maintaining files, and organizing documents.

Attending Hearings or Trials: In some cases, you may have the opportunity to observe court proceedings, hearings, or trials under the supervision of an attorney.

Legal Support: Providing general support to the legal team, including attending meetings, taking notes, conducting legal analysis, and contributing to legal strategies.

Legal Writing: Assisting in the preparation of legal memos, opinions, and briefs by conducting legal research, analyzing legal issues, and presenting findings in a clear and concise manner.

Professional Development: Actively participating in training programs, workshops, or seminars offered by the organization to enhance your legal knowledge and skills.

Job Type: Internship
Contract length: 12 months

Pay: From ₹6,000.00 per month


  • Food provided


  • Day shift


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