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Contract Life Cycle Management(CLM) – Live Certificate Course

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Creating a career in the legal corporate sector requires a range of skills, but one skill that stands out above all is contract management. All businesses operate based on contracts, making them a crucial element in every business deal. Contracts outline the terms and guidelines for how businesses will interact with customers, agents, competitors, and others. At every stage, businesses rely on contracts, highlighting the importance of lawyers who can expertly manage them and support business needs.

This course is entirely practical and focuses on the most essential skill required in every corporate job. Mastering this skill can significantly boost your chances of securing a job. Many organizations in India, such as Icertis, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro, and EY, seek professionals with contract management expertise. You can find job openings for roles like Contract Analyst, Contract Reviewer, and Contract Associate at these companies, all of which demand knowledge of Contract Life-Cycle Management(CLM).


This course is that stairway you were looking for to start with your legal career in corporate, the course will be conducted by faculties who have worked in top MNC’s and have gained expertise in the field of Contract management, you’ll not only learn a skill but do networking and understand the industry and how things function , what roles and responsibilities you can expect in the field and so much more!

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define and describe the stages of the contract life-cycle.
  2. Draft, negotiate, and manage contracts effectively.
  3. Ensure compliance and manage risks associated with contracts.
  4. Utilize contract management software for better efficiency.
  5. Implement strategic contract management practices in their organization.

Target Audience

  • Contract managers and administrators
  • Legal professionals
  • Procurement and supply chain professionals
  • Project managers
  • Business owners and executives
  • Anyone involved in drafting, negotiating, or managing contracts

Course Structure

The course is divided into five modules, each focusing on a specific stage of the contract life-cycle. Each module includes live lectures, practical examples, case studies, interactive quizzes, assignments, and downloadable resources.

Module 1: Contract Creation

  1. Understanding Contract Requirements
    • Identifying business needs
    • Gathering necessary information
  2. Drafting Contracts
    • Basic elements of a contract
    • Standard clauses and customization
  3. Legal and Business Reviews
    • Reviewing legal implications
    • Aligning with business objectives

Module 2: Contract Negotiation

  1. Preparing for Negotiations
    • Research and preparation
    • Setting objectives and limits
  2. Negotiation Strategies
    • Key negotiation tactics
    • Handling objections and counteroffers
  3. Finalizing Terms
    • Revising contract terms
    • Reaching mutual agreement

Module 3: Contract Execution

  1. Formalizing Contracts
    • Obtaining necessary approvals
    • Ensuring all parties sign the contract
  2. Contract Storage and Management
    • Digital vs. physical storage
    • Implementing a contract repository

Module 4: Contract Performance and Compliance

  1. Monitoring Contract Performance
    • Setting performance metrics
    • Tracking deliverables and deadlines
  2. Ensuring Compliance
    • Regular audits and reviews
    • Addressing non-compliance issues
  3. Managing Amendments and Renewals
    • Process for contract amendments
    • Planning for contract renewals

Module 5: Contract Renewal and Termination

  1. Evaluating Contract Performance
    • Analyzing performance data
    • Making renewal decisions
  2. Contract Renewal Process
    • Steps for renewing a contract
    • Negotiating renewal terms
  3. Contract Termination
    • Termination clauses and conditions
    • Proper documentation and closeout

Course Materials

  • Live Lectures: Detailed explanations of each topic
  • Practical Examples: Real-world scenarios and examples
  • Case Studies: In-depth analysis of contract management cases
  • Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge after each module
  • Assignments: Hands-on practice to apply what you’ve learned
  • Downloadable Resources: Templates, checklists, and guides

Assessment and Certification

  • Continuous Assessment: Through quizzes and assignments
  • Final Exam: Comprehensive test covering all modules
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the course

Enroll Now

Enhance your contract management skills and ensure your organization’s success by enrolling in this comprehensive course on Contract Life-Cycle Management. Join us and become a proficient contract manager, capable of handling contracts with confidence and expertise.

Starting- 22nd June, 2024 till 18th May,2024

Faculty- This course will be expertly delivered by Riya Chhabra, Founder at LeDroit India as well as contract specialist  and Debasmita Ray Contract Analyst at Capgemini, both the faculties bring in their 4 + years of expertise in handling contracts, negotiating and drafting contracts along with their experience of working in top multinational corporations like Infosys, Capgemini etc.  Participants can look forward to learning from seasoned experts who has successfully navigated the intricacies of the corporate legal landscape, making this course a valuable opportunity for those seeking comprehensive insights and practical knowledge in the field.

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