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About the Course:

The present course aims at providing all the knowledge about Bail and the procedure related to it ; in law school one gets to learn an overview about Bail as a part of topic in Code of Criminal Procedure, but the actual implementation of it is learned when you enter into practice. With this course we aim at filling up that gap between the theoretical and practical world.This course is beneficial for all those who want to create their career in litigation and want to ace the advocacy skills.

Course Content:


Meaning and objective of Bail

Bailable and Non-Bailable Offences

When Bail can be taken

Discretion in granting bail

Grant of Bail with conditions

Anticipatory Bail

Power of High Court or Court of session in granting bail

Power of Appellate court to grant Bail

Cancellation of Bail


What is Bail Bond and Surety?

Format for  applying a Bail Bond

Drafting format for Anticipatory Bail

Bail Application in case of Attempt to Murder

Bail Application before Judicial Magistrate Court in a pending Case

Bail Application before Sessions Court

Bail Application before High Court

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