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Negotiable Instruments Act-(Self-Paced)

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About Course

The Certificate Course on the Negotiable Instruments Act in India is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the legal framework governing negotiable instruments, such as promissory notes, bills of exchange, and cheques, in India. This course aims to equip legal professionals, bankers, business professionals, and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of negotiable instruments and ensure compliance with the law.


Course Objectives:
1. To offer a comprehensive overview of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.
2. To explain the types and characteristics of negotiable instruments.
3. To examine the rights and obligations of parties involved in negotiable instrument transactions.
4. To provide practical insights into the processes of dishonor, liability, and remedies.
5. To discuss recent legal developments and amendments to the Act.
6. To foster a deeper understanding of legal compliance and best practices in negotiable instrument transactions.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Negotiable Instruments
– Definition and characteristics of negotiable instruments
– Importance and relevance in commercial transactions

Module 2: Types of Negotiable Instruments
– Promissory notes
– Bills of exchange
– Cheques
– Distinctions and key features

Module 3: Parties to Negotiable Instruments
– Drawer, payee, drawee, and endorser
– Rights and liabilities of parties
– Capacity and authority

Module 4: Negotiation and Endorsement
– Meaning and types of endorsement
– Holder in due course
– Transfer of negotiable instruments

Module 5: Dishonor and Liabilities
– Reasons for dishonor
– Legal consequences and liabilities
– Drafting of Section 138 Notice of dishonor

Module 6: Rights and Remedies
– Legal actions and remedies available
– Special rules for dishonored cheques
– Recent legal developments

Module 7: Case Studies and Practical Applications
– Analyzing real-life cases of negotiable instrument disputes
– Drafting negotiable instrument notice assignment

Course Delivery:
The course will be delivered through a pre-recorded lectures, case studies, practical exercises, and guest lectures by legal experts and practitioners. Participants will have access to course materials and resources on an online platform for seamless learning.

Participants will be evaluated through quizzes, assignments, participation in discussions, and a final examination.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate attesting to their knowledge and competence in the Negotiable Instruments Act in India.

Who Should Attend:
– Lawyers and legal professionals
– Banking and financial sector professionals
– Business owners and entrepreneurs
– Students pursuing law or finance degrees
– Anyone interested in understanding negotiable instruments and their legal implications in India

Starting-1st March

Faculty- This course will be expertly delivered by Adv. Samata Joshi, specializing in business law and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with an extensive track record of over 8 years. With a wealth of experience spanning various facets of corporate law, Adv. Joshi brings a rich and diverse perspective to the course. Her expertise not only includes business law and IPR but also encompasses a wide array of corporate legal disciplines. Participants can look forward to learning from a seasoned practitioner who has successfully navigated the intricacies of the corporate legal landscape, making this course a valuable opportunity for those seeking comprehensive insights and practical knowledge in the field.

Registration Process:

To register kindly make the payment first of INR 500/-. (Gpay/Paytm) Add course to cart and fill up the registration form. In case of any doubt or to enquire about applicable discounts contact us at 6204801978.

To pay click here.

Join us in this specialized course to gain expertise in the Negotiable Instruments Act and enhance your career prospects in the legal and financial sectors in India.

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