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Contract Drafting Live Certificate Course

About Course:

Contract Drafting Live Course,  where you’ll get a chance to learn from legal corporate experts on one to one basis and get guidance on how to develop your drafting skills .Get your hands on practical drafting skills, don’t just recite the contract but actually learn the art of drafting your own contract  from the scratch!

This contract drafting course will comprise of various E-Books, sample drafts, video lectures and live classes as well. This course covers everything about contracts, fundamental points, breach of contracts and how to draft different type of contracts such as NDA’s, Service Agreements, Employment Agreements, MOA, AOA, Franchise Agreements etc.

This course is must to have if you want to create your career in corporate sector ,work for top MNC’s  or  be a freelance contract drafter. To eliminate the gap between legal and practical knowledge LeDroit India came up with this live drafting course to help you prepare yourself for a better future, top performers of this course will also get an internship opportunity to work with the faculty  as well as LeDroit, not only that you’ll also get a free Certificate Course on Drafting of Legal Notices.

This is a hybrid course classes will be conducted on every Saturday and Sunday starting from 14th November,2022. Have a doubt call or WhatsApp us at 6204801978.

Course duration – 1 Month

How you’ll be marked?

After completion of the course, send us an email at with the subject

“(Name of the course) Complete”, we’ll send you an Assignment  which you have to submit to us

Within 48 hours. After going through your assignment ,we’ll send you the soft copy of your certificates.


  1. What are Contracts?
  2. Types of Contracts:-On the basis of its enforcement
  3. On the basis of mode of creation
  4. On the basis of extent of execution
  5. E-Contracts and its validity.


  1. Standard Form of Contracts
  2. Importance of Standard form of contracts
  3. Types of Standard form of Contracts


  1. Registration of Contracts
  2. Contracts which require registration
  3. Contract’s which don’t require registration
  4. Stamping
  5. Attestation & Notarization


  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Common Breaches
  3. Damages
  4. Types of Damages
  5. Remedies for breach of contract


  1. Drafting of a contract:-
  2. Operating Clause
  3. Boilerplate Clauses
  4. Risk mitigation clauses

MODULE 6: Drafting of Contracts and Documents:

  1. Service Agreement
  2. Franchise Agreement
  3. Incentive Contracts & Time and Material Contracts
  4. Labour-Hour contracts
  5. Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
  6. Employee Contracts
  7. Non-Disclosure Agreements
  8. Memorandum of Association
  9. Articles of Association
  10. Memorandum of Understanding

Benefits of LeDroit India certifications:

– Live lecture

– Improves employment ability

– Prepared by Industry experts

– Online certification

– Innovative content

– Lifetime Access

-Internship Opportunity

-You’ll get one free course on Drafting of legal Notices with this course.

Who this course is for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business managers and executives
  • Law or pre-law students
  • Employees or contractors
  • Company Secretary
About Faculty:

This course will be conducted by Adv. GAUTUM MATANI, an alumni of Leeds University London. High Court & District Court practitioner with years of experience in handling civil, corporate, commercial and cross-border transactions from diversified sectors also expertise in handling arbitration disputes. He has always been at the helm of leadership positions by from being a trademark attorney to a GST and GDPR practitioner. Currently working at MKU Limited as a In House Legal and IPR Counsel.

Registration Process:

To register kindly make the payment first of INR 2000/- 1000/- only valid for a limited period. Make a note of transaction ID ,after making the payment fill up the registration form below, to buy this course. If you face any trouble while making payment Paytm or Gpay us on 6204801978.

To pay click here.

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